Course Structure

Bertin, Semiology of Graphics

We’ll engage in both synchronous and asynchronous activities: 

  • Asynchronous: 
    • You’ll complete course readings, screenings, and listening exercises on your own time.
    • You’ll complete individual assignments on your own time.
    • You’ll occasionally be asked to use our class Slack to engage in asynchronous discussions, but you’re also welcome to use this platform at your own discretion: to initiate conversations of your own, to reflect on our digital learning environments (in the #our-digital-learning-environments channel) and to propose ways that I/we can improve those environments, to solicit or share resources from/with your classmates, etc. 
  • Synchronous: 
    • Please check each week’s webpage for specific logistical information and links.
    • Most weeks we’ll meet as a full group on Zoom during our officially scheduled class time. Because two hours and forty minutes is a long time – especially on Zoom! – we’ll break our class into various “acts,” with breaks in-between. We’ll typically start with student or guest presentations, then engage in lecture / discussion, and end with a hands-on workshop. 
    • On two occasions, near the beginning and end of the semester, we’ll schedule half-hour one-on-one conversations – in lieu of our group sessions – to discuss your individual interests and needs, as well as your progress on your individual projects.