Geography Lesson, Lakeview Project School, Arkansas, 1938, via Library of Congress, public domain

Projects are due by 11:59pm on Thursday, May 6

Regner Ramos, creator of Cüirtopia (which we explored for April 6!), will be joining us for the first 20 minutes of class!

Afterward, you’ll be sharing your final projects – as they currently stand! – in a format that is somewhat resembling a “world cafe” or “group speed dating.” In small groups of four, you’ll informally share your amazing work, solicit some final feedback, and enjoy your favorite drink/snack. While your classmates present, your job is to celebrate their accomplishments and offer constructive comments for potential last-minute revisions. Each student should take three or four minutes to introduce their work, elevator pitch style, and then you can discuss! After 25 minutes or so, we’ll switch up the rooms, for a total of three small-group-sessions. After that, we’ll regroup in the main room, and have our final reflections before we say goodbye. [The above is adapted from Ramon de Haan’s instructions for our Fall 2020 class.]

To Prepare for Today: 

  • Please feel free to bring material artifacts, images, and other media to share as part of your discussions.
  • We’re keeping it informal; you don’t have to prepare anything. 
  • Grab your favorite drink and/or snack! This is a celebration! 

Then, we’ll collaboratively “design” the format in which you share your final projects: it could be a series of concurrent roundtable discussions; a “pin-up,” like those we’d see at a design critique (but much friendlier!); a “poster session,” as we’d find at a conference; an underwater salon; or something entirely different.