Week 11: Tuesday, April 6: STUDENT-LED LESSON

Constellation Quilt, via Haptic Lab

GROUP 2: Jason, Anna, Blake, Manú, Cate, Erin, Jessie

LAB: This week Emily will prepare three short video lessons, tailored to address a variety of your shared interests. You’ll watch these independently during class, and then we’ll reconvene for short discussions about each of those topics.

Change of plans: We will use the remaining time in class for 1-on-1/group consultations and questions depending on people’s atlas progress. Emily and Shannon will stick around for the remainder of class after the presentation.


In preparation for the group’s activity:

  • Please come to class with one image. Here are the specifications:
    • We would like it to be a screenshot of Google Maps (please use the Satellite View) of your current geographic location -OR- a geographic location that is significant to you. Feel free to zoom in / zoom out to your heart’s content.
    • Your image needs to be cropped into a square. Use whatever program you’d like to achieve that (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Preview, etc.)
  • Have your image accessible for class. We’ll be using all of them for our breakout activity. If you have any questions between now and tomorrow night, feel free to reach anyone from Group 2!

For Blake:

  • Lucas LaRochelle, “Queering the Map: On Designing Digital Queer Space,” YouTube. Guggenheim Museum (2021): watch 14:30–18:45 (though I highly recommend the entire lecture!).
  • Also, please spend time engaging with Queering the Map by reading the stories and experiences shared on the platform. I encourage exploring pins dropped in unexpected places.

For Erin: 

  • Janet Vertesi, “Image Processing: Drawing As and its Consequences,” in Seeing Like a Rover (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015): 73-104. 
    • Don’t be scared about the page count; there are lots of pictures! 
    • Or maybe you could read Daegan Miller’s “Earthward,” Places Journal (July 2020).

For Manú:

For Jessie

For Cate:

  • Please watch: Caroline Sturdy Colls & Forensic Architecture, “Living Death Camp,” Forensic Architecture (2013). Feel free to read through the written project overview if you like, but it’s the short documentary video that I’d like you all to engage.

For Jason:

For Anna: